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Social Media Automation - Tech Tip Tuesday - 07/18/17

Tech Tip Tuesday – #069 – Social Media Automation


Welcome back to Tech Tip Tuesday!

This is your ultra-fast, easy dose of the latest tech that can help your life as a REALTOR®.  Whether it’s using the MLS, Mobile Apps, or surfing around, we’ll give you the tools you need each Tuesday.

Tech Tip Tuesday #069 – Social Media Automation


One of the most difficult things about marketing yourself is – there’s only one of you! Whenever you have the opportunity to automate, you can double your efforts and increase your brand’s awareness – all without increasing time.

Today, we wanted to give you a peak behind the curtain for how we automate some of our processes in hopes that you can use these concepts for your business.  We’ll be talking about automating the marketing of your brand through CoSchedule (A paid tool).

CoSchedule is just one tool to do this sort of thing, there’s hootsuite and socialoomph, and a host of others.  Pretend you have a link that you want to share with the world.  It could be about your business, some new listings – or in our case, we want to schedule the Throwback Thursday photo for this week.

So, What Does it Do?

With CoSchedule’s, you now have your Facebook and Twitter accounts linked so that it will notify your friends and followers whenever you choose.  For instance, you can share the post now, and release it again on your social media accounts 7 days later.

Now you don’t have to think about jumping on to Facebook or twitter every time you want to share your post or content you love.  You can write a week’s worth of posts or links, time release them, and have the automation expand your presence online.  That’s social media automation, and that’s today’s Tech Tip Tuesday.

At a Glance for 07/17/17

At a Glance for July 17, 2017


“At A Glance” – For July 17th, 2017

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Attention Brokers – Lockbox Exchange: Mark your calendars for the week of July 24-28.


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Need help?  Ask us!


This is just a friendly reminder that we’re here & ready to answer any questions you might have.  

If you have questions on:

  • Education
  • Membership
  • Communications, emails, stats & social media
  • Public policy, calls to action, or local government affairs issues

Give us an email here.  If you’re curious about tech support issues, you may email us here, or contact Matrix support at 1-800-334-0831 and Sentrilock support at 1-877-433-6998.

If you don’t receive a 24-hr response to your email, it’s recommended that you reach out to our CEO, Merritt Burke.




SCAOR® would like our Diamond & Platinum Affiliate Members for Sponsoring AAG:


2nd Quarter Stats - Recent sales data continues upward trend in local real estate

2nd Quarter Stats – Recent sales data continues upward trend in local real estate


Recent sales data continues upward trend in local real estate

Data released last week by the Sussex County Association of Realtors (SCAOR) continues to indicate a strong local real estate market in southern Delaware. These positive sales figures, compiled by the trade association for the first half of 2017 show sustained growth across all segments of the market in the state’s southernmost and largest geographic county.

The data is the latest in a string of positive reports for SCAOR, which has now reported years of strong data pertaining to Sussex County’s real estate industry.

“This quarter was especially positive, as Sussex County is buoyed by a large number of summertime visitors and buying activity in the second homeowner market,” says Brigit Taylor, 2017 SCAOR President. “But this month over month increase is important to note as it indicates a continuing interest in our area as a resort destination. Our proximity to the coast is definitely one of our strongest selling points, and one that has served us very well for many years.”

Single-family home sales for the months of April, May, and June rose in 2017, with 1,473 properties being sold during the quarter. This brings the yearly number of property sales this calendar year to 2,510, which represents more than $841 million in year-to-date sales.

With a 42% increase in total units sold over last quarter, home sales continue to rise.  The average home in Sussex County in 2017 is selling for more than $335,000.

Also, Sussex County’s commercial real estate market continues to thrive in 2017, with a 19% increase in total units sold in this quarter over the first quarter of 2017, and a 40% increase in average price over the same quarter last year.  That’s over 10 million in commercial sales volume in this quarter alone.

“Our proximity to the coastline and our lower tax rates continue to draw people here to Sussex County, and I believe that will continue,” says Brigit. “Our numbers are up, and I think a big reason for that is because residents of other states continue to see Delaware real estate as a strong investment.”

The Sussex County Association of Realtors was chartered in 1949 and has steadily grown in size, scope and mission during its more than six decades in Sussex County. It is a professional trade association with goals of carrying out a program of education and advocacy for real estate in the county.

SCAOR is a resource for the public, as well as a recognized advocate for property rights and property owners in Sussex County. The association also monitors legislative issues on the local, state and national levels that may impact home ownership in the area.

To read more about issues related to Sussex County’s real estate industry, visit SCAOR’s website at

Week #07 – More Training Slots & App Info

SentriLock Thursday – Week #07 – 
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Welcome Back to SentriLock Thursday!

This is a weekly email “mini-series” proactively educating you on all the great features of SentriLock and it’s accompanying mobile app  (Click here for iOS Store | Click here for Google Play Store), SentriSmart, as we lead up to the lockbox exchange on July 24th-28th.  

The SentriSmart App will be the required method for accessing the new lockboxes.  You can find text instructions on the app here, and a video tutorial for the app here.

Week #07 – More Training Slots & App Info:

– As of this week, SentriLock has filled all available training slots at KW.  SCAOR will be opening up additional spots, and SentriLock will be sending a scheduling email by next week.
– For security reasons, the card and SentriSmart app won’t be able to be used at the same time.  Using the card will disable your app usage until the card expires, and vice versa.

Special Thanks – Official Affiliate Moving Sponsors of the Lockbox Exchange week: Always Moving

As experienced REALTORS® in the Delmarva area, Brandon Brittingham and Bill Brown of The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long and Foster know that one of the hardest parts of any real estate transaction can be coordinating the moving of household goods.  Whether buying or selling, entrusting all your treasured possessions to a moving company to be properly packed, protected, transported and delivered on time, with care and for a reasonable price can be a daunting proposition.  They’ll be assisting SCAOR with lockbox delivery & pickup.
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At a Glance - July 12, 2017

At A Glance – For July 10th, 2017


“At A Glance” – For July 10th, 2017

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Attention Brokers – Lockbox Exchange: Mark your calendars for the week of July 24-28.

DAR President Bruce Plummer addresses the 1% increase in transfer tax.


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Lockbox Audit in Progress Now:


In preparation for the Lockbox Exchange the week of July 24, we’re running a new and improved lockbox audit to make the exchange process smoother. The deadline for completing this audit will be July 1st. As with every lockbox audit, failure to complete the audit by the deadline could result in an invoice for the total number of boxes allotted to your office.

With this new process, you will simply:

  • Head to
  • select your office and enter your broker information and
  • select the serials you can locate within your inventory. 

After the audit is complete you will receive an email with the number of boxes that are in your inventory, the missing boxes, the allotted boxes based on market share, and the amount of boxes that should be returned to SCAOR within 14 days of filling out this form. 

To print out a list of lockboxes assigned to your office, simply log into sentrilock at and select reports. then select lockboxes to view the currently assigned boxes or download a csv file.  To ease the exchange process, the cost of replacing a missing box has been lowered. A Generation 2 box (all silver) will cost $50 per replacement. The Generation 3 and 4 boxes (blue and white) will be $100. If there is any sort of discretion, we will be happy to work with you on a solution. Simply email us at after filling out the audit. 

Thank you for your help, and we look forward to a successful audit and smooth exchange process in July!




SCAOR® would like our Diamond & Platinum Affiliate Members for Sponsoring AAG:


The SCAOR Card – Issue #010 – June Membership

SCAOR offers a variety of annual Association memberships.

 As a REALTOR – you join as a Primary Member, Secondary Member or MLS Only Member (Click here to figure out which type of member you should become).  

If you interested in joining SCAOR or discussing your membership level, please contact Mary Hanley, Membership Coordinator.  Membership dues are paid in October with the SCAOR fiscal year running from January 1 through December 31.  Current Primary and Secondary Member dues are $260.

    Christine Schels
    Shirlene Mann
    Richard DeCore
    Neal McLens Jr
    Dhruv Patel
    Joseph Mayle-Rosauri
    Christopher Roark
    Brian ONeill
    Sergei Kaganzev
    Deloris Cauley
    Keith Herrington 
    Robin T Jones
    John Cusato Sr
    Dana Wells
    Donald E Schlater Jr
    Patrice Bentz
    Samantha Taraila
    Nicholas David Smith
    Heidi M Penuel


The SCAOR Card – Issue #010 – Public Policy

Agendas for the upcoming Planning and Zoning Commission Workshops have yet to be posted, however, below is the list of the upcoming workshops.These are open to the public and we greatly encourage all to come and participate.  Now is the time for the REALTOR® voice to be strong.



Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop – July 14 @ 10:00 am view agenda

Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop – July 21 @ 9:00 am view agenda

Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop – July 28 @ 9:00 am view agenda

At the last workshop, they discussed a 300-page document that covered the conservation element of the Comprehensive Plan.  To date they have had a discussion on two sets of data regarding population and population growth over the next 25+ years, they have discussed alternative housing options and community designs.  They have discussed agriculture and agricultural land preservation and future growth.  Discussions have also included TIDs (Transportation Improvement Districts) and the State’s push for Sussex County to establish a fixed zoning for these TIDs.  The workshops have also included discussions on the history and historical preservation in Sussex County among other elements.

All workshops are held in the Sussex County Council Chambers and are broadcast live.  The follow the development of the Comprehensive Plan you can click on the link below.  A link to the life broadcast site is provided below the Comp. Plan link. You can listen to any, and all, previous workshops as they are archived on the site listed below.

SCAOR Public Policy Committee (PPC) has approved talking points that will be presented to SCAOR Executive Board for final approval so they can be read into the record at the next workshop. Stay tuned to see the position of SCAOR and the developing Sussex County Comprehensive Plan.

As you may be aware, Sussex County Council approved an ordinance to amend Chapter 103, Article IV, Section 103-19D of the Sussex County Code to limit the “First Time Home Buyer” Transfer Tax Exemption, with a vote of 4-0-1 (4 yes, 0 no, and 1 absent).

To read Ordinance 2500,  please click on the link below and then open the PDF file.

Kindest Regards,
Patricia L. Anderson
23407 Park Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947



The SCAOR Card – Issue #010 – Education

As you enjoy the second half of the Summer season please remember that the end of the licensing cycle is creeping upon us. There is still plenty of time to fulfill your education requirements before the April 30 deadline.

Do you have an idea for a class? The Professional Development Committee would love to hear it. Please shoot me an email to share with the committee.

Attention New Agents: 

  • You receive New Salesperson Module 1 with New Member Orientation.
  • Knock out New Licensee Modules 23 on August 3 and 
  • New Salesperson Module 4 on August 9.

Puerto Rico – Education Adventure:
The week of October 15 SCAOR will be visiting Puerto Rico for the low price of $197 per person per night. This is an ALL INCLUSIVE opportunity. We will be offering NAR’s Resort, Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification along with DE, MD and PA credits! Bonus tax write off! We only have a few rooms left, so give Dena a call at 302-678-5050 and book today.

Online Education:
Yes, we do offer online education! Click here for more information and to receive a discount.

Brokers Course:
Are you interested in becoming a Broker? Class begins August 29.  Register today using “BROKER20” coupon code and receive 20% off until July 4. Did you know that taking the Brokers course satisfies ALL 7 MODULES?

Thanks, and as always, it’s a pleasure to serve,
Angela Emerson

Angela Emerson, RCE

Sussex County Association of REALTORS®
23407 Park Avenue

Georgetown, DE  19947
(302) 855-2300


The SCAOR Card – Issue #010 – From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to the June edition of the SCAORcard.  The most important information I can give the membership is a Lockbox Exchange update.  First, the Exchange is July 24-28.  Second, Sentrilock will commence programming lockboxes on Monday, July 24, with the first new lockboxes arriving at broker doorsteps in the afternoon and continuing throughout the week. SCAOR will be picking up lockboxes starting July 26 through July 28.  Please take time to download the app.  There are approximately 500 REALTORS that have downloaded the app, and we need many more before July 24.  Third, the Finance Committee will meet on August 10 to review the FY 2018 (FY18) Operating Budget.  The BOD will review/adopt the FY18 Budget no later than the November BOD meeting.  Speaking of meetings, stay tuned for Bright MLS training workshops this fall. Meeting dates will be on the SCAOR calendar and published within Association communications (SCAORcard, At-A-Glance, etc.).  On another note, I am happy to report that the capital improvements have been completed.  The LED lighting was installed inside the facility and outside in the parking lot.  Hopefully you will enjoy a safer experience when leaving SCAOR meetings in the evening hours.
Lastly, I would like to apologize for the association management software program problems.  SCAOR transitioned to RAMCO (NAR supported) in late 2016, and we have had minor problems ever since.  Management is researching alternatives to make your customer experience less cumbersome and more efficient.  Please be patient with us as we work through this challenge.
As always, if you have questions or comments, I can be reached via email at
Merritt Burke IV, CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Sussex County Association of REALTORS®

The SCAOR Card – Issue #010 – REALTOR® Ronnie


Each year contracts fall apart because either a listing agent or a selling agent failed to keep a contract in full force and effect by failing to get an appropriate addendum signed.  There are a number of situations where a timely addendum can make the difference between a transaction going to settlement or falling apart.  Let’s look at some examples:

Mortgage Commitment – A mortgage commitment is due by a certain date.  You call the mortgage company and they assure you the commitment will be in your hands by the due date.  So you tend to forget about it until the listing agent calls a day or so after the commitment date and asks, “where’s the commitment?”  You have just put your buyer at risk because in Sussex County our contracts have a Time-Is-Of-The-Essence clause which means all dates MUST be met unless a written addendum has been signed by all parties.

Home Inspection Dates – As a result of a home inspection being done, both buyer and seller have options open to them, and dates are attached to each one of these options.  For instance, a home inspection might state that a buyer must notify the seller within 3 days of the home inspection what repairs he wants to the seller to make.  A seller may take a position that if he doesn’t receive this request for repairs or an addendum extending the date for the request for repairs that he is no longer responsible for making said repairs.

Review of HOA or Condominium Documents – When a contract is contingent upon review of HOA or Condo documents within a specified date, or contains a DUCIOA Addendum, it would be wise to prepare an addendum in which the buyer acknowledges that he has received and read the documents, that he approves of same, and that he removes that contingency from the contract.  If a DUCIOA Addendum is part of your contract, then the buyer should sign the Resale Certificate to indicate acceptance of all the documents within the required time.

Settlement Date – You may have an occasion where the buyer finds it impossible to get to settlement as per the contract date.  Prepare an addendum asking for an extension of time for settlement.

Other Addendums

  • Possession Before Settlement
  • Possession After Settlement
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Rezoning
  • Special Financing
  • Clauses of the original contract that need to be changed
  • Must Sell
  • Property Must Appraise

The most important thing to remember on addendums is to get them signed in a timely manner.  Mark your calendar a couple of days in advance of the required date; don’t wait until the actual date something is due to get an addendum signed.  Failure to adhere to the dates specified in a contract puts your client at risk.  Doing a good job and paying attention to our ratified contract will get us all to the settlement table.  And that’s the ultimate goal!


Sussex County Association of Realtors

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