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The SCAOR Card – Issue #021 – Chris Lind

Hello SCAOR Members,

As September has arrived, it is hard to believe that summer will soon turn to fall. Numerous achievements are being accomplished each day at the Association. Perhaps, the biggest achievement that happened during the year thus far was our transition to Bright MLS. If you have not already seen the Announcement regarding the Bright MLS Survey, please click the link below. I am hopeful that the survey will provide the respective parties at Bright MLS with valuable feedback that can improve the platform.

Please encourage other agents within your brokerages to complete the survey if they have not already done so as I will see this information is shared with the proper parties at Bright MLS.

It is a pleasure to serve as your President this year, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

*Christopher M. Lind | Managing Broker, REALTOR®*
*President, Sussex County Association of REALTORS**®*

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The SCAOR Card – Issue #021 – Membership

Welcome to the SCAOR REALTOR® membership report!  Here’s what’s happened on August 2018.  We’ve added 18 new members:

8/1/18     Christine Louise DeStefano
8/2/18     Charles R Hufford Jr
8/7/18     Brittney Keidel
8/7/18     Zoe Cummings
8/7/18     Angela Allen
8/7/18     Charles Waltjen
8/7/18     Patrick Nicholson
8/14/18     Cynthia D Souza
8/14/18     Hugh Fuller
8/14/18     Michael Shockley
8/21/18     Elyse Marie Collins
8/21/18     Lisamarie Doughten
8/21/18     Jami Harrigan-Ferro
8/22/18     Patricia Halliburton
8/22/18     Daniel Halliburton
8/22/18     Elizabeth Heid
8/22/18     Dennis Snavely
8/28/18     John Howard





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The SCAOR Card – Issue #021 – From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to the monthly snapshot of your Association.

After a busy summer season, I would like to update you several topics. First, the Election Ballot was emailed to you this week. Per the Bylaws, voting ends on October 1 at 12 noon. Please be sure to vote! Second, please consider attending the RPAC event at 16 Mile Brewery on September 18 from 5-9 pm. It is important to support RPAC. For more information on RPAC please click here. Next, the Lockbox Audit commences October 1. Brokers will be asked to tally lockboxes and return to SCAOR all lockboxes over 20% of listings. Please call me directly if you have questions. The goal is to store the unassigned lockboxes at SCAOR over the winter before the spring selling season. For those who have lost a lockbox, there is a penalty. Dues billing and committee recruitment also occur in October. It is a busy month. Lastly, the General Membership meeting is scheduled for October 1 starting at 11 am. Mark it on your calendar and be sure to attend. Election results will be reported at 12:15 pm. 

In closing, I would like to thank the staff (Trish, Andrew, Mary and Kristy) for all of their hard work. The Association could not operate without a competent group of professionals. If you have questions or comments about any facet of your Association, please email me at or call me at (302) 855-2300.


Merritt Burke
CEO, Sussex County Association of REALTORS®

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The SCAOR Card – Issue #021

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The SCAOR Card - Issue #021
REALTOR® Political Action Committee
Sussex Strong Foundation
Women's Council of REALTORS®
“Ethics, Education and Advocacy.”
Association Dues & Fees:
  • Membership Dues: Billed October 1, due October 31 annually
  • Lockbox Fees: Billed June 1, due June 30 annually.
From the CEO's Desk

Now that we’re in September, we look to this fall’s events: including General Membership Meeting, the Lock Box Audit, and the RPAC Cornhole Tournament.

Now that summer is winding down, 2018 SCAOR President Chris Lind presents an agent survey we’d love for all members to take part in.

SCAOR members are some of the greatest people in Sussex County. Here’s who joined in August!

Agent Bonuses? What’s it all about? REALTOR® Ronnie sets us straight.
Upcoming Events to Know:
  • September 18th – RPAC Cornhole Tournament at 16 Mile
  • September 27th – Affiliates End of Summer Picnic at Rusty Rudder
  • October 1st – General Membership Meeting
  • October 18th – YPN Expert Panel
  • December 5th – New York Bus Trip
  • Lockbox Audit – Begins October 1st

The SCAOR Card – Issue #021 – REALTOR® Ronnie

From the desk of Ronnie, REALTOR®.


How many times a week do we get flyers advertising $$$$$$$ Agent Bonus?

Are you aware you cannot pay a bonus to an agent?  We need to go back to our Pre-Licensing class and remember the section on Brokerage. We are associated with a Brokerage, and that Brokerage owns all our listings and Buyer clients.  When a listing gets sold, and the commission is paid, it is paid to the Brokerage, and the Brokerage then passes your share along to you.  Likewise, if you were paid by a Buyer under some separate agreement with the Buyer, that commission would be paid to the Brokerage, and it would then pass through to you based on your commission split with your Company.

The same pass-through from the Broker to you applies also to Agent bonuses.  A bonus cannot be paid to you; it must be paid to the Brokerage, and the Brokerage, through their Independent Contractor Agreement with you, passes along either the whole bonus or some portion of it, whatever your company policy dictates.

So let’s get those flyers right.  The next time you’re offering a bonus, the flyer should read:  $$$$$ Bonus to selling office (or selling broker) or $$$$ Agency Bonus or $$$$ Broker Bonus.  When the bonus is paid at time of final settlement, the Broker, in accordance with your company policy, will either pass it in whole to you or share it with you.

And, oh, don’t forget. If you’re receiving a bonus, you need to disclose that to your client!  Check out Article 1, SOP 1-13 of the Code of Ethics!

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The SCAOR Card – Issue #019


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The SCAOR Card - Issue #019


REALTOR® Political Action Committee


Sussex Strong Foundation


Women's Council of REALTORS®


“Ethics, Education and Advocacy.”
Association Dues & Fees:
  • Membership Dues: Billed October 1, due October 31 annually
  • Lockbox Fees: Billed June 1, due June 30 annually.


June 5th – Welcome to Bright MLS!
SCAOR’s MLS is now a part of Bright MLS.

From the CEO's Desk



From the CEO’s Desk –

Merritt shares updates on the Bright MLS transition, billing updates, and the coming months.


Membership for November


Membership – This Month’s Stats

SCAOR is made up of some of the finest people in Sussex County. Here’s who’s joined in May! –



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June 21st – RPR Education Day:

Curious about RPR? RPR and Sussex County Association of REALTORS have put together two training sessions designed exclusively with you in mind. Register for one or both to take full advantage of your N.A.R. member benefit.




Ethics & Education Event:

Knock out your NAR Ethics Requirement on June 14th. Two classes for one low price!





The SCAOR Card – Issue #019 – From the CEO’s Desk

First off, thank you for being a member of the Sussex County Association of REALTORS.  As the Association transitions to a new era without owning a MLS, I would like the members to revisit Article II of the Bylaws of the Association.  Article II – Objectives covers six sections that are very important to the future of the organization.  The first objective is to unite those engaged in real estate for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and related interests.  The second objective is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct.  The third objective is to safeguard the interests of the profession.  The fourth objective is to further the interests of home and real property ownership.  The last two objectives are to partner with the State and National Associations and to designate for the benefit of the public individuals authorized to use the term REALTOR.  Every one of these objectives is still relevant to the members today.  Strong mediation services, ethical members, an iconic brand, defense of property rights and building consensus with the State and National association are all critical to the Association staying relevant and functional for the members of tomorrow. 
As you can see, there is no better time to revisit these objectives and think about where the Association is heading in the future.  On June 13 and 14 the Strategic Planning Committee will discuss and debate how the objectives of the Bylaws can influence a new Strategic Plan.  The current Plan has four objectives such as enhanced communications, a robust public policy program, exemplary education and technology for the members, and lastly develop and promote a compelling value proposition. 
 As CEO, I think the communications of the Association have been enhanced and continue to be timely from the weekly At-a-Glance and Tech Tip Tuesdays to the monthy SCAORcard.  Regarding education, I think SCAOR provides an exemplary in-house experience but could improve offerings and possibly look into internet classes.  Two areas that need improvement are communication about advocacy and what the Association is doing at the local level to benefit the members.   Even though we have an experienced Public Policy Committee, we could do a better job communicating what they do for the members.  Lastly, we could promote the value proposition better, no doubt.  The Association offers many other benefits such as a comprehensive lockbox program, an active Young Professionals Network (YPN) and partnerships with WCR on national speakers.  Professional growth and development of the members is critical for the organization.  The public expects that our members are fully trained, knowledgeable and service orientated.  The Association also sustains an active Affiliate roster with multiple networking events throughout the year. There is a lot happening at SCAOR, so attend a class, serve on a committee or stop by a mixer.
Speaking of getting involved, June 4-22 is the 2019 Board Recruitment.  The Nominating Committee has been selected and approved.  Interviews will be scheduled July 9-13 at SCAOR.  If you are interested, please apply to serve on the Board or wait until the fall for 2019 Committee recruitment.  We always need volunteers on various committees.
Other news includes the following:
  • June 1 SentriLock invoicing.  Deadline June 30.  Members $125 / Non-Members $150.
  • June 4 Bright MLS Conversion date
  • June 4-22 Board Recruitement
  • July 9-13 Recruitment Interviews
  • July 19 BOD meeting at 9 am
  • October 1 General Membership Meeting

Merritt Burke IV

Chief Executive Officer

Sussex County Association of REALTORS
(302) 855-2300: Office Phone

The SCAOR Card – Issue #019 – Membership

Welcome to the SCAOR REALTOR® membership report!  Here’s what’s happened on May 2018.  We’ve added 35 new members:

5/1/18     LeRoy Gaines
5/1/18     Immacolata Carannante
5/1/18     Kimberly Taraila
5/1/18     Mera Hitchens
5/1/18     Carolan Fischer
5/2/18     Joseph Cusato
5/2/18     Amanda Pace
5/2/18     Donald W Van Buren
5/3/18     Alexandra A Holden 
5/7/18     David Temby
5/7/18     Theresa M O’Brien
5/7/18     Jacquelyn M Ogden
5/8/18     Logan Charles Simpson
5/8/18     Linda Campbell
5/9/18     Valli DeLair
5/9/18     Jerry Hill
5/15/18     Edward Fowler
5/15/18     Angela J House
5/15/18     Frances M Brogan
5/15/18     Stephanie Adams
5/16/18     James J Smith 
5/16/18     Judith Dourgarian
5/16/18     Ronald Thompson
5/18/18     Teresa Queen
5/22/18     Denise Van Buren
5/22/18     Megan Honeysett
5/22/18     Steven Greene
5/23/18     Jennifer Lougheed
5/23/18     Robert Fitzgerald
5/23/18     Caitlin McCarron
5/24/18     Ashley Matthew Mills
5/24/18     Loye Wheat Miller
5/29/18     Kasey Keith
5/29/18     Robert Hicken
5/30/18     Stephen Hoffman






The SCAOR Card – Issue #018

The SCAOR Card – Volume #018
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“Ethics, Education and Advocacy.”

From the CEO’s Desk – 

Merritt shares information on Bright MLS training, Sentrilock Billing, Strategic Planning, and other future dates of interest.



SCAOR Value – 

This month, we look at an NAR benefit that you might have missed: ZipLogix’s Transaction Member Benefit.



Membership – This Month’s Stats 

SCAOR is made up of some of the finest people in Sussex County.  Here’s who’s joined in April! –  



Upcoming Dates to Know: 

  • Affiliate Mixer – May 9th at 4PM at Crooked Hammock (Signup Required here)
  • WCR & SCAOR Class & Mixer – May 10th (RSVP Here)
  • Bright MLS Conversion Date – June 4th, 2018
  • 2018-19 SentriLock Billing – Begins June 1st, 2018 (Due June 30, 2018)
"Most people do not listen  with the intent to understand;  they listen with the intent to reply.”  - Stephen R. Covey
Copyright © 2018 Sussex County Association of REALTORS®, All rights reserved.

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The SCAOR Card – Issue #018 – From the CEO’s Desk

Dear SCAOR Members:
It is Bright MLS transition month.  By this time, you should have received an email from Bright MLS for second quarter MLS services.  Members should pay $75.  If you have not received an invoice, please email me at  For those who attended the first Bright MLS training on May 3, I hope it was helpful.  Bright MLS representatives will be at SCAOR on May 11, 21, 30 and 31 conducting a range of training workshops.  The web address to log into is  Hope to see you around the building sometime soon!  The official Bright Preview is May 14 with the Bright Conversion date of June 4.
Other news includes SentriLock billing to commence on June 1.  Be on the look out for an email to log into the SCAOR portal and pay between June 1 and June 30.  Late fees apply after June 30.  The fee is covers members from July 1 to June 30.  Home inspection, terminate inspection and appraisals now have access, if interested.  Pro-Spect is the first company signing up.  They should be using the lockbox program before July 4.
The Strategic Planning Committee will draft a new Strategic Plan on June 13 and 14.  The current Association Mission Statement is focused on education, ethics and advocacy.  I see technology, government affairs, education and communications are three areas we need to improve upon.  We are all looking forward to drafting a new vision for the Association from 2019-2021.
Future meetings of interest is the Finance Committee meeting on May 8,  Foundation mixer on May 8, Affiliate mixer on May 9, WCR/SCAOR education and mixer on May 10, NAR Legislative meetings from May 14-19, BOD meeting on May 24 and a REALTOR Safety class on June 14.  
As always, thank you for allowing me to serve you as Association Executive.  

 Merritt Burke IV

Chief Executive Officer

Sussex County Association of REALTORS
(302) 855-2300: Office Phone
Sussex County Association of Realtors

Phone: 302-855-2300 | Fax: 302-855-2319

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