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The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Public Policy

In public policy, we are constantly listening for advocacy opportunities.  Currently, there’s a proposed commercial rezoning ordinance introduced that would replace the popular CR-1 & B-1 districts with seven new districts that provide more specific uses.  On July 14th at 8:30AM, our PCA Members along with PPC will be hosting the Sussex County staff at SCAOR to summarize the proposed revision to the commercial zoning code. Look for an upcoming email with registration information.

On the Sussex County Comp Plan, there will be a Planning and Zoning Workshop on Monday, June 5th @ 9:00 am in Council Chambers. Public Policy encourages all REALTOR® members to participate in these hearings.  The collective REALTOR® voice needs to be heard and our Chairman strongly implores our membership to take the time to come out to a public workshop and stay abreast of the Comp Plan developments.  This can be done by visiting  The next set of town hall meetings will be released later this summer.  

On June 8th at 6 PM, Sussex County Planning and Zoning will be conducting a public hearing in Council Chambers on the proposal to approve a new energy company.  This company converts chicken waste and is proposed to be located behind residential properties along Lewes/Georgetown Highway just east of the CHEER Center in Georgetown.

SCAOR stands with DAR in one voice regarding state matters, especially HB130.  Please see this DAR link for current positions.  We encourage all of SCAOR members to attend and participate in the upcoming Legislative Action day on June 13th at 12:30 PM.  Legislative Hall, Dover DE.

Be sure to check out our other SCAOR Card section, Local Government, for more info on Rehoboth Beaches issuance of outfall permitting and valet trash service.

Kindest Regards,
Patricia L. Anderson
23407 Park Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947

The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Midyear Update from SCAOR President-Elect, Chris Lind

As the President-elect of SCAOR, I was provided with the opportunity to attend the Annual Legislative Meetings and Expo in Washington D.C. last month. This was my first time attending the event and I must say, this is a trip worthy of taking for not only leaders in a REALTOR® organization but for any REALTOR® who is passionate about their industry. 

The meetings provide an opportunity to hear from nationally known speakers, participate in roundtable discussions in smaller environments and also provide the opportunity to hear from leaders within the National Association of REALTORS®.
The Hill Visit is one of the most exciting highlights of the week where you can meet and hear from your local legislators. This year’s attendees had the opportunity to hear from Senator Carper, Representative Blunt Rochester, and Senator Coons in the historic Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Office Building.
I am excited to attend the Legislative Meetings and Expo again next year as your President and hope to see many of you there as well. 
Best regards, 
Christopher M. Lind | Managing Broker, REALTOR®
President-elect, Sussex County Association of REALTORS® – 2017 

The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Membership

SCAOR offers a variety of annual Association memberships.

 As a REALTOR – you join as a Primary Member, Secondary Member or MLS Only Member (Click here to figure out which type of member you should become).  As of May 31, 2017, there are over 1,600 Primary and Secondary Members.  

If you interested in joining SCAOR or discussing your membership level, please contact Mary Hanley, Membership Coordinator.  Membership dues are paid in October with the SCAOR fiscal year running from January 1 through December 31.  Current Primary and Secondary Member dues are $260.

On July 14th at 8:30AM, our PCA Members along with PPC will be hosting the Sussex County staff at SCAOR to summarize the proposed revision to the commercial zoning code. Look for an upcoming email with registration information.

Heather Funkhouser – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Maureen Lagana
Tracey Espada – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Anna Marie Cieri – Delmarva Resorts Realty
Mark Schaeffer – R & R Commercial
Justin Bailey – Linda Vista Real Estate
Michael Moreland – Joe Maggio Realty
Sonia Mendes Parker – Exp Realty
Christine Lombardi – Keller Williams Realty
Jason Mathis-White – Keller Williams Realty
Denise Hoban – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Jeffrey Hecker – Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s Intl.
Leah Rochelle – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
John Dyes – Keller Williams Realty
Douglas Purcell – Crowley Associates Realty
Thomas Grogan – Mann & Sons, Inc.
Craig Shellenberger – Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s Intl.
Reyna Gil Ventura
William Wallace – LakeShore Realty LLC
Mary Louise Woltman – Delmarva Resorts Realty
Roberta (Bobbi) Brooks – Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s Intl.
George Chamberlin – Berkshire Hathaway Homeservice
Theresa Craw – Linda Vista Real Estate
Marsha OConnor
Paula Ginchereau – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Rhonda Hich
Kari Munsell – Berkshire Hathaway Gallo
Kimberly Mcguigan – LakeShore Realty LLC
Stephan C Kaganzev – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Alexis A. Knotts – Delmarva Resorts Realty
Karim Mozher – Active Adults Realty
Kristie White – Keller Williams Realty
Alfred Persico – Keller Williams Realty
Debora Hileman – Hileman Real Estate


The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Local Government


Contact: Krys Johnson, Communications Specialist, 302-227-2772

Announcement of Rehoboth Beach issuance of outfall permitting
REHOBOTH BEACH, DE (May 25, 2017) – Today Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Secretary Shawn M. Garvin approved and signed the Secretary’s Order for the Rehoboth Beach ocean outfall which includes all required DNREC permits to move forward with construction. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be issuing a permit along with a Sediment and Stormwater Permit from the Sussex Conservation District, and DelDOT permits for work on state road right-of-ways.

The approved pipeline alignment begins at the existing Rehoboth Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, follows the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal north to Grove Park. The pipeline will then turn northeast to Henlopen Avenue and continue along Henlopen Avenue to the Deauville Beach parking area and terminate in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 6,000 feet from the parking area. The 24-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline will be installed via horizontal direction drill approximately 3,000 feet and marine open-cut trench approximately 3,000 feet. Once the pipe is anchored in place with concrete collars, the open-cut trench will be backfilled. The terminus of the outfall pipe will consist of a 120 linear foot diffuser comprised of eight risers, 1.5 feet above the ocean floor, with four discharge ports per riser. The diffuser will be installed on pilings to ensure stability.

The city is advertising bid documents in the next week. Mobilization of equipment will begin in October 2017 with an anticipated construction completion in April 2018. For more information visit


Rehoboth Beach adopts valet trash service ordinance
REHOBOTH BEACH, DE (May 22, 2017) – On May 19, 2017, the Rehoboth Beach Commissioners adopted an Ordinance to Amend Chapter 227 of the Solid Waste Municipal Code, relating to valet trash service. The new ordinance implements a valet trash service to assist residential property owners in complying with placement and collection regulations. Specifically, that waste containers must not be put out earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day before collection and removed from the curb not later than 9 p.m. on collection day. The city’s valet trash service is an additional $300 per year above the standard base trash service fee of $275 per year for full-time residents or $250 per year for part-time residents.

Participants in the program shall use a city-provided 95-gallon valet trash container available for a one-time fee of $50 per container, for up to three containers. The container must hold only household trash and be placed in a location predetermined by the city. Recycling and yard waste containers will not be picked up as part of the city’s valet trash service.

The city has mailed valet trash service information to all residential trash customers. The deadline for enrollment is May 31, 2017, for the next annual billing cycle of July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018. For more information, please visit or call the City of Rehoboth Beach Administrative Office at 302-227-6181 (Option 2) or


The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Bright MLS Update

Get a Sneak Peek of the New Bright MLS Website

The new website will welcome you to the Bright community and give you information, alerts and easy access to your tools within the system.

Your office and association will have the option to post news and information on the homepage, and dedicated training and news content from Bright will always be available. In addition, your listings, client information, and MLS and Public Records searches will be one click away through the new menu options, which will always be available wherever you are on

Excitement over this new space is building and the Bright team just released a first look at the homepage. This is the page you’ll view every time you login to Bright.

Bright MLS

Please note: This is just a screenshot, and work is still being done to make this new website a reality. We’ll make sure you have more opportunities to view this new space as you get closer to using the new system. 

Work Continues on Search and Report Options within Bright

The search and report system in Bright will present information through the Matrix 360 platform. This version of Matrix brings together all of the information about a particular property – sales, mortgages, parcel information, previous listings, listing images – and presents them in a unified way through:

  • Reports that include listing and Public Records sales and information
  • A map with clickable parcels and combined MLS and Public Records information in the popup
  • A full 360 Public Records report that includes flood reports, sales, the most recent listing, and more

Work to customize this platform and integrate it into Bright is well underway. Public Records information for the entire Bright footprint is being brought into the system and all searches are being customized. Work has also started on customizing the Agent reports, and integrating the expanded data into these reports.

Bob is the Bright MLS “Customer Success Champion” for Sussex County Delaware providing training and education. Bob is excited to share with you the vision of Bright MLS and how that vision will benefit SCAOR Members as we transition to Bright MLS in December of 2017. Bob is a Delaware native and has spent many years in the Real Estate and Mortgage Banking industry before joining Trend MLS in August of 2015.

The SCAOR Card – Volume #009 – Technology

With smart homes, solar panels and electric cars at the forefront of trends we can see how the industry is guiding us into a more eco-friendly time. Technology is making our live faster, more convenient and easier, but this does not always mean that it’s more efficient.

According to Live Science, the average household contains about 25 gadgets that consume 10-15 percent of an average home’s electricity bill. Choosing the right energy efficient models and following best practices can lower energy bills, water usage, and even waste.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to upgrade your tech, here are a few friendly tips:

1) Look for Labels Energy Star
The bright blue energy star label is your first indicator that your product is going to be more efficient than a standard model, saving you money while helping the planet.

2) Better Lighting
Lighting has come a long way in the past few years. LED lighting has a longer shelf life, are eco-friendly, durably made, give off zero UV emissions, operate in extreme temperatures, achieve higher light disbursement and use less electricity.

3) Solar Power
A solar panel is not just limited to your house or a solar farm. Solar power panels can be added to phone chargers, electric car roofs and even power small fans. Recent battery upgrades have presented in home wall batteries that even store solar power to be used a later time.

4) Smaller is Better
Laptops and Tablets are designed to be energy efficient to maximize battery life and last as long as possible. An iPad uses 35% less energy than the average desktop. If you are in the market for something new, consider downsizing to a laptop or hybrid rather than a new desktop. This is normally perfect for REALTORS® as they tend to be very mobile.

5) Choose the right settings
Smart settings on your TV, computer, and phone can impact energy by as much as 20% when it comes to brightness. Surprising screen savers can actually use more energy by making computers work harder. They are not needed with newer screens. Taking the time to check these settings is worth it and can not only save you energy but battery life as well.

This doesn’t require a drastic change in lifestyle but simply becoming more aware that all things can be done with more energy efficiency. Not only will this help your budget, but you will be making a lasting effect on the environment.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear how you are using smart home technology and eco-friendly equipment today!

Benjamin Kunde
Network & MLS Administrator, Sussex County Association of REALTORS®


The SCAOR Card – Volume #009 – From the CEO’s Desk

SCAOR Members:
As I approach one year of service this summer, I thought it would be a good time to review a few trends and comment on future projects.  The first trend is that membership is growing month-to-month.  We currently stand at over 1650 members.  We are processing all types of memberships (primary, secondary, MLS Only) each week with most being primary members.  Since May 9, we processed 16 primary members, 2 secondary members, 2 MLS Only and 2 Affiliate members.  I expect this trend to continue into the fall and possibly 2018.  With interest rates low and a good supply of new/existing homes on the market, I think we will continue to see all types of membership increase.  I also expect the Affiliate members to increase as they realize what a benefit it is to pay for exclusive access to our members.  However, once we transition to Bright MLS I anticipate secondary members to decrease and lockbox non-members to increase ($150 fee starting July 1).   
Second, the conversion to a regional MLS will have an impact on the Association.  Bright MLS will allow members to access regional data with new features including Homesnap Pro and many more features yet to be released.
 As Bright MLS has stated on their website, subscribers will soon have the ability to search for homes, communicate instantly with clients, learn about the agent you’re working with, set a safety timer, find listings by a school district, see property lines, and schedule showings—all within one app.  The app will go live in 4-6 weeks.  Other added values will be the reduced cost to brokers who pay for multiple MLSs.  Not only is it time-consuming learning all the rules, but also very costly.  Another impact of the new MLS will be the number and quality of referrals.  With approximately 85,000 subscribers, an increase in referrals is expected to occur.  For additional information on Bright MLS, please visit the company website.
Third, it is never too early to mark your calendar for the annual General Membership meeting on Monday, October 2 in Georgetown.  President Taylor and I have an exciting agenda planned including an expert panel of Affiliates at the end of the meeting.  A rep. from Bright MLS will also be in town available for questions and possibly giving a brief update. 
Lastly, as an ex-town manager and public policy participant, it is advocacy season across Delaware.  This time of year several Sussex County towns approve budgets while Sussex County government is working on the FY 2018 Financial Plan (no property tax increase).  In Dover, State legislators are rolling up their sleeves for an interesting end of session debate to close $380 million deficit.  Keep your emails open to DAR and SCAOR Call to Actions on any State and/or County legislation.  The SCAOR Public Policy Committee, chaired by Bob McVey, and staffed by Patricia Anderson, have been working hard to attend Sussex County Comprehensive Plan meetings to make sure the REALTOR® voice is heard.  If you are not sure what the SCAOR voice is for, the Association Bylaws state six sections lead by defending property rights, maintaining high standards of conduct (ethics) and furthering the interest of home ownership.  Thank you for your dedication to the organization and I hope to see you at the next SCAOR event!
Merritt Burke IV


Sussex County Association of REALTORS®

The SCAOR Card – Issue #009

The SCAOR Card Goes GREEN! – Volume #009
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From the CEO’s Desk – 

Merritt shares updates on BrightMLS, membership numbers, and advocacy.  Check it out!



Green Home Tech – 

Lighting, solar power, energy labels, oh my!  Ben breaks down “Green” Houses from a tech perspective.



Sneak Peak of the new BrightMLS Website – 

Bob Andress from Bright MLS gives us a guided tour of Bright’s new website.



REALTOR® Ronnie Returns: Agent Bonuses? – 

What do you do when Agents are promised extra Green for their listings?


2016 Year in Review

Education Update with Angela Emerson – 

We’ve got a lot of exciting updates for our education section this month:  Broker’s Course, New Salesperson Mods, and the Education Adventure all await!



A Few Environmental Rehoboth Beach Updates – 

From Rehoboth Beach: Pipeline alignment approval and valet trash service.  Check it out!



Membership – This Month’s Stats 

SCAOR is made up of some of the finest people in Sussex County.  Here’s who’s joined in May! –  



MidYear Impressions with Chris Lind – 

SCAOR President Elect, Chris Lind, shares his impressions regarding this year’s Hill Visit.



Planning and Zoning Workshop & Hearing – 

Our public policy committee is staying on top of all the latest issues, including the Sussex Comp Plan, the Commercial Rezoning Ordinance, and HB130.


"Most people do not listen  with the intent to understand;  they listen with the intent to reply.”  - Stephen R. Covey
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The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Ronnie, REALTOR®


This week, Ronnie addresses Agent Bonuses:

How many times a week do we get flyers advertising $$$$$$$ Agent Bonus?

Are you aware you cannot pay a bonus to an agent?  We need to go back to our Pre-Licensing class and remember the section on Brokerage.  We are associated with a brokerage, and that brokerage owns all our listings and buyer clients.  When a listing gets sold, and the commission is paid, it is paid to the brokerage, and the brokerage then passes your share along to you.  Likewise, if you were paid by a buyer under some separate agreement with the buyer, that commission would be paid to the brokerage, and it would then pass through to you based on your commission split with your company.

The same pass-through from the broker to you applies also to agent bonuses.  A bonus cannot be paid to you; it must be paid to the brokerage, and the brokerage, through their Independent Contractor Agreement with you, passes along either the whole bonus or some portion of it, whatever your company policy dictates. 

So let’s get those flyers right.  The next time you’re offering a bonus, the flyer should read:  $$$$$ Bonus to selling office (or selling broker) or $$$$ Agency Bonus or $$$$ Broker Bonus.  When the bonus is paid at the time of final settlement, the broker, in accordance with your company policy, will either pass it in whole to you or share it with you.

And, oh, don’t forget.  If you’re receiving a bonus, you need to disclose that to your client! Check out Article 1, SOP 1-13 of the Code of Ethics!


The SCAOR Card – Volume #009 – Education

The official summer season for 2017 has begun! I know you are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and education may not be on the top of your list of things to take care of right now; however, the fall will be here before you know it and I just would like for you to keep a few opportunities in mind.

Attention New Agents: 

  • You receive New Salesperson Module 1 with New Member Orientation.
  • Knock out New Licensee Modules 2 & 3 on June 15 and 
  • New Salesperson Module 4 on June 20.

All Licensees – New Tech Tools Class:
Do you want to learn the latest and greatest new Tech Tools and have some fun? Join us on June 20 as Harry Wooding explores new tools that you can use to assist you with your business and satisfy Module 7 requirement.

Puerto Rico – Education Adventure:
The week of October 15 SCAOR will be visiting Puerto Rico for the low price of $197 per person per night. This is an ALL INCLUSIVE opportunity. We will be offering NAR’s Resort, Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification along with DE, MD and PA credits! Bonus tax write off! We only have a few rooms left, so give Dena a call at 302-678-5050 and book today.

Online Education:
Yes, we do offer online education! Click here for more information and to receive a discount.

Brokers Course:
Are you interested in becoming a Broker? Class begins August 29.  Register today using “BROKER20”  coupon code and receive 20% off. Did you know that taking the Brokers course satisfies ALL 7 MODULES?

Thanks, and as always, it’s a pleasure to serve,
Angela Emerson


Sussex County Association of Realtors

Phone: 302-855-2300 | Fax: 302-855-2319

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