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Tech Tip Tuesday - #061 - REALTOR® Trademark Usage on Social Media and Offline

Tech Tip Tuesday – #061 – REALTOR® Trademark Usage on Social Media and Offline

The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law, it is also a valuable membership benefit that distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business. Watch this entertaining, three-minute video to learn how members can protect the value of the mark by using it properly. Remember, a REALTOR® isn’t “just another real estate agent.” Being a REALTOR® means more.

[ Check out this Free Social Media Toolkit from NAR

SCAOR Card – Issue #008 – Technology

The Internet of Things…

Why should you,as a REALTOR®,  be interested in the internet of things and smart home technology? 
Because by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices and 6.1 billion smart phone users. More and more smart home devices are being purchased and left in homes that are selling. With the proper knowledge and tips, you can improve the probability of closing a deal with any client. 
One of the biggest devices that are remaining with a home are smart thermostats. The idea is nothing new: We have been programming temperatures for different times and days for years, but now we can adjust them from any mobile device or interact with a car pulling in the driveway. This opens up a whole new area of convenience and security. If I forget to reset a thermostat when I purchase a home, the previous owner could easily mess with my temperature at any given time.
The Online Trust Alliance has come up with a smart home checklist that can be used as a guide for checking smart home related devices in the home. It’s advised that you review this document and even supply a copy to any client you may have. CRT labs at NAR has also supplied an info sheet for the top thermostats on the market so you can be well-armed with the capabilities and cost of each. 
The current push in the smart home industry is for more automation, air quality sensors and ease of use. With the ever changing market and availability we will do our best to make sure you are armed with the best information available to be on the cutting edge of Real Estate. Stay tuned for some big announcements about low cost and cheap sensors that could easily be used as closing gifts or proactive solutions to listing a home. 
The best way to predict the future, is to event it!
– Ben Kunde

SCAORCard – Issue #006 – Rental Affairs

This month’s meeting had a special guest in Scott Thomas of Southern Delaware Tourism.  Mr. Thomas shared with us the importance of partnerships in order to promote Sussex County as a prime destination location for more than just our beaches.  In order to help promote that he is partnering with representatives from ecotourism, museums, rental agencies, historical societies, etc. for a mini expo to take place on April 6th at the Nassau Vineyards.  More information to follow.
RAC has been busy preparing for their Pre-Season meeting to take place on May 4th at Irish Eyes in Lewes. This is an opportunity for Rental Agents, Elected Officials and Law Enforcement of our coastal municipalities, as well as Southern Delaware Tourism to get together before the summer season in order to identify any potential areas of concern so that they can move through the season in a collaborative effort.


SCAORCard – Issue #006 – Public Policy

Get ready to fasten your seatbelts!  PPC is off to the races as we announce our RPAC fundraiser for April 27, 2017!  Folks what a time we have for our members, brokers, and affiliates!  Come join SCAOR PPC for our ROAD RALLY RPAC FUNDRAISER.  This will prove to be action packed and something for everyone!  Team up with a partner and hit the roads of Sussex County, be part of a pit crew that will race to first place finish in a cook off, or be part of the spectator crowd…something for everyone!!!  More information on registration is to come so get those engines reving!!!
PPC just held their annual Legislative Breakfast.  What a turn out!  Thank you to our Senators Gary Simpson (Minority Leader), Gerald Hocker, Ernie Lopez, Brian Pettyjohn, and Bryant Richardson; our Representatives Pete Schwartzkopf (Speaker of the House), Danny Short (Minority Leader), Dave Wilson, Harvey Kenton, Steve Smyk, Ruth Briggs King, and Rich Collins for taking the time to join us and share your insights into the issues before the General Assembly.  Reps. Tim Dukes and Ron Gray sent their regrets as they were out of town at the time of the breakfast.  Thank you, also, to our BOD members for their attendance as well.
Please stay tuned for updates regarding the Sussex County Comp. Plan.  We are still awaiting the release of the spring dates for round two of the public hearings.
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SCAORCard – Issue #006 – From the CEO’s Desk

Greetings from Georgetown, Delaware, your association headquarters, where education, ethics and advocacy, the pillars of your organization, are provided to you daily.  Your team here at SCAOR has been working hard on several projects including improving the customer service experience, renovating the building and grounds, adding new forms and information to the website, participating in local advoacy issues (think Sussex County Comp. Plan, FY 2018 State of Delaware Budget Reset meetings) and publishing information on all social media.  
We are constantly looking at innovative ways to add value and relevance to the membership experience.  For example, your volunteer leadership working in concert with staff has coordinated a special trip to Puerto Rico in October providing classes to achieve the RSPS (Second-Home Property Specialist) designation.  Additionally, the Affiliates have been busy scheduling a spring mixer and fall picnic where agents can network with dozens of local, real estate service companies.  Lastly, Emily Williams has agreed to chair the Young Professionals Network (YPN), a group of aspiring leaders within the industry.  Stay tuned for the YPN 2017 schedule of events.
As always, if you have a question or comment, please email me directly at or call me at (302) 855-2300.  With staff, we are here to serve you and provide an exceptional customer experience as you perform the daily duties as a professional REALTOR®.
Merritt Burke IV
Chief Executive Officer
Sussex County Association of REALTORS®

SCAORCard – Issue #006 – Technology & Bright MLS

Bright MLS Update:

Things are progression well with the transition into the new MLS system. Our very own Frank Serio, who was elected to serve on the Bright MLS board, has been invited to attend the T3 conference with a select few. He will represent Bright MLS and bring back valuable information for both the Association and Bright MLS to assist with the advancement of the industry.

We also know that you have questions and our goal is to keep you as up to date as possible along the way. This month we are including the top 3 questions that Bright has been receiving. If you have any questions about Bright MLS, please let us know at

What’s happening now? Next?
Support teams from MRIS and Trend are combining. In early April 2017, you can dial a new toll free phone number for them, and when you do, you’ll hear “Welcome to Bright MLS! How may I assist you?”

Development teams are busy mapping MLS listing data from nine different MLSs into one format; they are collecting the required public records for 150 jurisdictions, and building the new Bright MLS system – a broad ecosystem of robust property information and analytics to power your real estate business.

When will I be able to search the new Bright footprint?
Not quite yet. 2017 is a year of transition. As you read this, we are preparing the new system for data entry. Later this year we will begin converting all participating organizations to that system. We anticipate you will be using the new Bright system by 2018.

How much will the new system cost me?
This consolidation has afforded us the opportunity to freeze licensee fees through 2017, so you won’t see an increase in that fee this year. By 2019, fees for subscribers of Bright who are members of a participating REALTOR® Association will transition to $35. Subscribers who are not members of participating REALTOR® Associations will pay a higher fee, $53 per month, after a similar gradual transition. This higher fee reflects and honors the risk and investment that participating Associations took to make Bright a reality.

As always, we are here to support our members as much as possible during the transitional period. Please let us know how we can help.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

Thank You,
Benjamin Kunde
Network Administrator
Sussex County Association of REALTORS

Bright Leadership Update: March 2, 2017

The Leadership Update is a regular summary of Bright business events, designed specifically for Association leadership. It will provide decisions made by the Board of Directors, updates that affect subscribers, reflections on industry events and information on Bright as a company


Planning and Work Continues to Align Information for the Bright Market

Members of the Bright Team have been working in the Central Pennsylvania market to better understand the needs related to MLS information and property classes in this market. The team met with representatives from Keystone, RAYAC, and Greater Harrisburg and discussed how to best align this information.  These meetings and work are important to understanding the market needs and planning for the upcoming conversions to the new Bright System. 

Additional Officers Elected to Our Board of Directors 

The officers who will join Jon Coile in the leadership roles of the Bright Board of Directors have been selected. They include:

  • Joan Docktor, BHHS Fox & Roach – Vice Chairman
  • Jack Fry, RE/MAX of Reading – Secretary
  • Cindy Ariosa, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. – Treasurer

Bright 2017 Government Affairs Program

Bright is implementing a grant program to support stakeholder association government affairs programming.  The program will assist with the costs associated with developing, maintaining, or expanding the local government affairs efforts.

Details of the program are being finalized and will be available soon.


Sussex County Association of Realtors

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